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The Spring, 1992 meeting was held in Bellevue, Washington The host utility was Puget Power with WSLRG co-chairperson Lynn Bronough and her staff graciously handling arrangements as hosts. Even though a diverse range of paper topics were presented at this meeting, there was an emphasis related to end-use metering and analysis in addition to DSM applications and evaluation. A selection of papers presented were: Carl Lian & Jason Keyes, Puget Power, Load Forecasting Applications Of EUIs Based on Metered End Use Data; ol' reliable Rich Gillman, CEED/EPRI, End-Use Metering: Industry Directions; Ken Prevatte, Schlumberger Industries, Turnkey Contracting For Load Data Collection; Athena Besa, San Diego Gas & Electric, Time Series/Econometric Analysis of Residential TOU Data for DSM; Craig Williamson, Public Service Colorado, Analysis Of Savings From Electric Interruptible Customers; John Powers, Quantum Consulting, Load Research Sample Design For DSM Evaluation: A Residential Sample; Robin Cross, Snohomish PUD #1 and Boris Prokop, EES, Converting Mainframe PURPA Reporting Software to PC Use. An afternoon trip to ninety year old Snoqualmie Falls Hydro Plant was very informative and resulted in numerous positive comments by attendees.

The meeting for Fall, 1992 in San Francisco was hosted by Pacific Gas & Electric with Dan Mark as host. The hotel accommodations were excellent with proximity to Fisherman's Wharf. The presentations were from a variety of topics with a clustering pertaining to DSM and load data analysis. A selected sampling of the presentations were- Mark Martinez, Southern California Edison, Residential Air Conditioning Loads - An End Use Metering Study; Paula Ham-Su, San Diego Gas & Electric, DSM Residential Impact: High Efficiency vs. Regular Air Conditioners; Chris Dent, Pacific Science & Technology, Early Results of the BPA/Idaho/Puget Power Exhaust Air Heat Pump Water Heater Project; Jeff Haberl, Texas A&M University, The Texas LoanStar Program: Improving Feedback to Building Operators and Analysis Techniques: Craig Williamson, Public Service of Colorado, Two-Dimensional Sampling--Actually Using It!; Paul Meagher, EPRI, Cross-Utility Analysis of Industrial Sector Load Shapes; Jan Barnett, Schlumberger, Accommodating the Reactive Component of Power in Complex Rates. A well received and informative afternoon trip to PG&E's Pacific Energy Center resulted in many excellent and appreciative comments. During the business meeting, an amended Charter was presented and agreed to by those in attendance. This new Charter contains no reference or requirements regarding attendance and participation at the meetings. Basically, attendance is open to individuals with an interest or involvement in load research, regardless of affiliation

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