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The Spring 1993 meeting was held in Honolulu, Hawaii. The host utility was Hawaiian Electric Company, and the member host was Estrella Seese. Some of the presentations were: (1) Evaluation of the Portland General Electric High Efficiency Motor Program by Mark Thompson; (2) Integrated Resource Planning in Hawaii by Norris Creveston; (3) Advancement in Data Acquisition Recorders: Functional Integration by Jeff Buxton; (4) Data, Purpose, Quality: An Examination of Data Accuracy in Support of Evaluation by Joe Taffe; (5) The Need For Load Research Data in Load Forecasting by Alan Hee; (6) Modeling Residential Central Cooling Demands by Joel Brodsky; (7) What is the Central Air Conditioning Load Available for Control from Residential Time-of-Use Customers? Finding the Answer without End-Use Metering by Daniel Wallen & Mostafa Baladi; (8) Market Segment Load Estimation Using MBSSV by David Hamilton; (9) Results of Interruptible Rate Survey by Estrella Seese; (10) Integrating DSM into T&D Planning by Grayson Heffner.

The business meeting included the election of two new chairpersons, Estrella Seese of Hawaiian Electric, and Craig Williamson of Public Service Company of Colorado.
The Fall 1993 meeting was in San Diego, California. The host utility was San Diego Gas & Electric, and the member host was Brad S. Simmons. Some selected topics presented were: (1) Verification of Energy Audits - Why Engineering Estimates Go Bad by Chris Dent; (2) End-Use Data Validation by Mark Martinez; (3) A Longitudinal Cross-Sectional Analysis of the Effects of Efficiency in Residential Air Conditioning: A Time of Use Model by Paula Ham-Su; (4) How To Measure DSM Programs With Externalities Methodology and Case Study Examples by Caroline Chen; (5) Using Metering Data in Econometric Models to Estimate DSM Energy Demand Impacts by Dr. Dean Schiffman; (6) Using Load Research Data in DSM Bidding Environment by Dr. Keith Fuller; (7) Improved Estimation of PG&E's Residential Transformer Loadings by Dr. Joel Brodsky. Besides the excellent presentations, the meeting was marked by a dinner cruise.

The business meeting confirmed the site of the Spring 1994 meeting in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. In order to help in planning future WLRA meetings, the attendees were asked (for the first time) to fill up a survey on the quality of presentation topics, delivery and effectiveness of presentations. The results of the survey will be presented in the next group meeting, Spring 1994 conference in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

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