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Spring 1991 found the group meeting in Denver, Colorado. The host was Craig Williamson of Public Service of Colorado. The flavor of this meeting seemed to center on Demand Side Planning and end-use data collection and analysis. Presentations were made by Brad Simmons, SDG&E, Commercial End-Use Metering, Mel Messalonis, LADWP, Residential Air Conditioning Study, Mike Forsyth, Public Service Colorado, Electronic Metering of Gas Customers, Rich Gillman, BPA/EPRI, Center for Electric End-Use Data, Mark Martinez, SCE, Commercial End-Use Metering Study. Other papers were presented on assorted topics ranging from load data analysis and applications, Barbara Coucher, Sierra Pacific Power, Load Research Applications at Sierra, and Gordon Fancher, Puget Power, Cold Snap Effects on Puget Load Patterns, to load management analysis, Russ Garwacki, SCE, and Mark Shirilau, Aloha Systems. The meeting was well attended and was highlighted with a group dinner and a melodrama.

The Fall, 1991 meeting was in Phoenix, Arizona. Host utility was Arizona Public Service Company with Jeff Burns as host. A wide and diverse agenda contained topics ranging from End-Use metering to DSM to various load data analysis techniques. A sampling of presentations were: Gary Strickler, SCE, Verification of Air Conditioning Equipment; Paul Meagher, EPRI, EPRI End-Use Load Shape Research Plans; Chris Dent, Pacific Science & Technology, Performance of Electric Heating Systems in Energy Efficient Homes; Drury Crawley, PG&E, PG&E's Advanced Customer Technology Test For Maximum Energy Efficiency; Bill Sandusky, Pacific Northwest Lab, End-Use Metering/Data And Information Flow; Greg Carrel, SRP, On-Line Load Research System; Derek Glatz, SCE, Estimating Load Impacts of Residential A/C Cycling Programs; Rich Papel, PG&E, Analyzing Demand For Commercial Transformer Sizing. This meeting provided many firsts for the group in addition to some changes from previous meetings. The meeting length was extended to a full two and a half days. A Vendor, Manufacturer and Consultant sponsored social hour was added on the second night and was very well received from both the attendees and the participating companies. The group dinner on the first night was a lazy wagon ride to the desert for dinner and a view of the sunset and the city. One of the most important results of this meeting was member agreement that the name of the group be changed to "Western Load Research Association."

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