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The Spring, 1990 conference was held in Boise, Idaho. The host utility was Idaho Power Company and the member host was Mike Youngblood. There were a number of papers presented on time of use projects - such as: Ingrid Bran, SCE, Real Time Pricing, Esther Castro, LADWP, Residential Time of Use Program, Jeff Burns, APS, Residential TOU Rate Structure Changes and Coincident Peak Demand, and Dr. Mark Shirilau, Aloha Systems, Adjusting End-Use Data for Time of Use Rates. There were a number of papers on collecting and analyzing end use data. The conference dinner was at the Red Lion Inn next to the Boise River, where several loons were heard calling out to each other. Jeff Burns and Russ Garwacki made friends with one of the Boise-ites and re-defined the meaning of the term "storm cloud."

The Fall, 1990 conference was held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The host utility was SCE and the member host was Russ Garwacki. The conference was, once again, very well organized and professionally conducted. A paper which was published in Public Utility Fortnightly, Load Research Sample Design: Simplicity in a Dynamic Environment, was presented by one of the co-authors - Dewey Seeto. Other papers were presented that were somewhat different than past projects: Leslie Crowe, SDG&E, Residential Gas Usage Analysis- Do New Homes Use more Gas than Average Homes? Doug Goodman, SDG&E, Residential End-Use Recording: An Inexpensive Alternative, Derek Glatz, SCE, Diversity Curve Estimations Using Load Research Data, Rick-Thompson, Nevada Power Co., WENS: Nevada Power Case Study, Mike Stephens, SCE, Data Acquisition Alternatives, David Mills/Megan Taylor, BPA, Effects of Wood Burning/Smoke Control Legislation on Electricity Demand, and Bruce Ramsay, Alberta Power, Distribution Loss Factor Estimation. Perhaps, one of the more entertaining papers was presented by Mike Youngblood, Idaho Power, on Trials and Tribulations of Accounting for Daylight Savings Time.

(chronology from Fall 1987 through Fall 1990 provided by Brad Simmons, SDG&E)

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