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The Spring, 1989 meeting was held in Park City, Utah. The host utility was Utah Power & Light and the member hosts were Rich Anderson and Scott Thornton. Some of the selected topics presented were: Russ Garwacki, SCE, Load Research in Substation Sizing, Dr. Fred Sebold, Regional Economic Research, Optimizing a Market Program: Case Study For Commercial Cooling Incentives, and Bruce Harvey, Sierra Pacific, Assessment of the Snow Making Market in Sierra Pacific's Territory. In addition to these papers, there were other papers that shared the value and uses of Load Research data and analysis. This conference was highlighted by a combination of good analysis reports as well as reports on computer hardware developments in hand-held readers. The business meeting included the election of new officers for the next two years: Russ Garwacki, SCE, and Rich Anderson, Utah Power & Light. While the conference was marked by excellent papers, the same could not be said for the ice skating.

The Fall 1989 conference was held in Costa Mesa, California. The host utility was SCE and the member host was Russ Garwacki. The conference was well organized and the meeting rooms met the needs of the Group. Some selected papers from the conference were: Jeff Burns, APS, Residential End-Use Load Control, Vikki Wood, Sierra Pacific, Interruptible Rates - Who Needs Them?, Doug Goodman, SDG&E, Thermal Energy Storage Applications and Analysis, Mark Martinez, SCE, End-Use Measurement Programs at SCE, Megan Taylor, BPA, End-Use Load And Consumer Assessment Program (ELCAP), and Joel Brodsky, PG&E, Applications of Load Research Data. The City of Anaheim is exploring new methodologies for calculation of line/energy losses. Washington Water & Power has completed a Least Cost Resource Plan for electric service. Sacramento Metro. Utility District has a Thermal Energy Storage program for residential customers - it's a tie in with one of the local builders. There is a special rate associated with TES.

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