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In 1981, the group held three meetings: one in Boise, one in Reno, and one in Portland.

The Boise meeting included more additions to the Group: Nevada Power, Sierra Pacific Power, and Southern California Edison. The discussion topics included: adjustments to system loads, AEIC activities, and solar hot water heating studies. At the conclusion of the meeting, the group reaffirmed its agreement to remain relatively informal structure, independent from other groups, and to continue its practice of excluding vendors from the meetings.

E1 Paso Electric Company and Public Service Company of Colorado joined the group at the meeting in Reno held in July 1980. Several presentations were given by the members, including: sampling and analysis strategies, sample maintenance, PURPA filings, loss calculations, information management systems, residential appliance load profiles, and SAS software programs. Several decisions were reached by the Group with regard to membership and future issues. These decisions were: 1) membership would be limited to investor-owned utilities engaged in load research and located west of the Mississippi River; 2) the Group would meet twice a year and would alternate locations between north and south; 3) an agenda committee was organized, to include a chairman and a vice-chairman elected by the group, and a rotating member who would come from the host utility; and, 4) a statement of purpose for the Group. The elected chairman would also act as a liaison between the Group and other interested parties. Ellen Maxon, Sierra Pacific Power, and Keith Ritland, Puget Sound Power, were elected chairman and vice-chairman respectively. A copy of the statement of purpose is attached to this narrative.

The fall meeting in Portland focused on special projects being done by member utilities and also a presentation by two EPRI project coordinators on weather normalization. Some of the subjects which were presented by the members included: demand subscription service, loss studies, sampling for rare events, and residential temperature sensitivity.

In the Fall of 1981, the AEIC Load Research Committee asked that a regional AEIC load research seminar be given in the western region. Utah Power & Light Company offered to host the seminar in conjunction with the regularly scheduled meeting on the Western States Load Research Group (WSLRG). Most of the members of the WSLRG were reluctant to participate formally with the AEIC Load Research Committee. This reluctance was largely due to the same argument used when the Group decided against a formal organization: that is, they were afraid that the group would evolve into a group of managers meeting (similar to the AEIC Load Research Committee) instead of the "do-ers" meeting as had been the case.

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