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The meeting in Salt Lake City in February 1980 again focused on the residential survey and the "core" questions. Also, the office building definition question was discussed. During this meeting more formal presentations were given: statistical methodologies, cost of service uses for load research, and analysis routines. A representative from the Rate Committee of the Northwest Electric Light and Power Association (NELPA) attended the meeting and requested that members of the group participate at the next NELPA Conference. As a result, several members in the group presented papers at the 1980 NELPA Conference.

Meetings held in Spokane in June 1980, and Portland in August 1980 focused on current load research projects of the member utilities, sampling and strata migration, including reports on the development of the Robinton transponders. Many of the member utilities were purchasing new translators and recorders, therefore, each type was discussed. Also, the name of the group was changed in Portland to the "Western States Load Research Group."

In November 1980, the Western States Load Research Group meeting was held in San Francisco. Each utility reported on current activities including load research hardware, software, sampling, data base management systems, and load management. These informal presentations proved to be extremely valuable to those who participated. The group also heard a presentation from Ed Beardsworth on EPRI load research and load management projects.


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