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In June of 1979, John Shue of Pacific Power & Light Company invited several of the investor-owned utilities in the northwest region to participate in a meeting to discuss PURPA. Specifically, the Section 133 requirements for reporting load data was the primary purpose for the meeting. The initial regulations from FERC on reporting load data were unduly burdensome. Therefore, the initial meeting, June 28 - 29, 1979, was set up to discuss a joint effort in responding to the initial regulations during the comment period. The first meeting also provided each utility the opportunity to describe current load research studies and share ideas, discuss metering and recording devices, and sampling procedures. During this first meeting the participants decided to name the group the "Pacific Northwest Load Research Group".

A second meeting was held via a conference telephone call to discuss the comments that each utility was sending to FERC on the proposed regulations (Part 290 Subsection D). This was held on July 25, 1979.

During the meeting held October 18, 1979, the group decided to expand by inviting Pacific Gas and Electric to the following meeting. Also, the "final" regulations for complying with PURPA Section 133 were reviewed. It appeared as though the group comments had some influence on the final regulations.

Topics that have been discussed at a round-table during each meeting, and which will continue to be discussed, include current projects of each utility, staffing & organization, regulatory requirements, sampling, and other statistical procedures.

During the meeting in Bellevue in December 1979, a discussion on a possible common data base for demographic and load data took much of the meeting. A set of "core" questions for demographic data acquisition common to all utilities was proposed but not agreed upon. Also, a considerable amount of time was spent on the definition of "office buildings" that are an end-use group to be reported in PURPA. A proposal for a formalized group structure was considered but not agreed upon. The consensus of the group was that, if the load research group became a formalized structure, then the utility managers would begin to attend and thereby excluding those for whom the group was organized (those in the "trenches" doing load research).

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